August 2016 is here! How’d that happen?


On this first day of August I’m reminded how dear time is for me. I’m dazzled 2016 is waning at ever-increasing speeds. (I know these words sound familiar to most folks I know.) In the USA we’re entering into that zone of back-to-school sales. Fall entry stirs the tailwinds of Labor Day weekend festivities. Post Labor Day the flames of upcoming elections and holidays will melt one month into the next! Are you ready?

August’s arrival marks the start of a new chapter for me. Over the past two years decades of research and planning are coalescing into two new adventures I’d love to share with you. I look forward to a robust journey with you! Will you grow with me? I hope so. Your growth plays (in equal measure) a vital role in our collective well-being.

To ready ourselves for this journey I offer three housekeeping items to consider. . .

First, I humbly invite you to delete all email addresses on file for me (all of em!)

Next (providing you wish to keep in touch) please add / update your email address book with ONE new email address for me – this one!

Lastly I invite you (and anyone you wish to invite) to our next Second Soul Sunday call. This 90 minute (yes – it’ll be a marathon call) provides TONS of info on three resources coming online over the next 90 days. Click for more details.

As always, I look forward to growing with you! So much to explore, learn and savor coming up for us all!

In gratitude I bow to you for all you do!

pax vobiscum