12 for 1 and 1 for 12: A Life-Changing Team Adventure

Aloha and welcome!

That’s me – Soul. I wonder, do these words sound familiar?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

You’ve heard Gandhi’s quote before, yes?  What do you want to change in your world?  More time / money to enjoy life? Check! Less drama, doubt, guilt, shame or worry? Check!  What else?  Will you consider:

  • eating or drinking a healthy, nutritious treat once a day?
  • listening to a 10 minute class while traveling someplace?
  • sharing insights on a phone call (or secure website) once a week?

… to be the change your world – thus our world – needs?

Heads-up! A few surfing suggestions:

  1. Pace yourself while taking in all the info below.
  2. Bookmark / favorite this page to return to explore more as time permits. 
  3. True, it’s tempting to tear through all the details / links below in one setting.  Do you like feeling overwhelmed?
  4. Take breaks / notes often. Have those notes handy when you call me to cover questions / concerns.

What changes do you wish to make in your world?

Yes to some or all those changes?  GREAT!  Keep reading.

No?  Save some time and effort.  Stop here.  Come back when you’re ready to change.

Our 12 for 1 and 1 for 12® (12/12) program taps into the ancient wisdom and strength of one for all and all for one (12 people at a time). 

Me (one of the one’s)?

I’m on a journey / mission to relieve pain and suffering for those who relieve pain and suffering.  Huh?  Provide care for caregivers.  Stop for a moment and think about this question: Who takes care of people who take care of people? Caregivers need timely, savvy support while providing care for a wide variety of chronically challenged children, partners and parents.

The all?

The largest circle in the graphic above is Caregiver LifeLine® (CGLL).  CGLL is destined to enhance the wellbeing of caregivers of all ages.  12/12 program revenues fund the launch of CGLL.  

This unique style of crowd-sourcing combines learning with earning!  

Your 12 month team journey will build the skills (and funds*) you need to be the change you wish to be in our world. 

* for professional track team members only.



Tap into 35+ years of first-hand experience captured in three resources:

Based on feedback from students, clients, readers, listeners, family, friends, colleagues, CEO’s, teachers, visionaries and guru’s alike, this program provides the most unique package of resources you’ll find to experience increased happiness, health, wealth and wisdom.

Do you qualify to apply for this program?  Let’s find out…


1. Do you crave change?  Seriously. Will you do what it takes to carve out at least three hours a week, every week for one year to systematically get un-stuck?

arrowClick this link to download our detailed program guide. Explore what awaits you.

2. Are you tired of being tired?  Tired of too much drama (office politics / family chaos), doubt, guilt, shame or worry?

3. Are you ready to 1) ask for AND 2) RECEIVE help?  Note:  team members rapidly ripen into quality, healthy, happy life-time connections.

4. Is your budget up to reallocating $200.00 a month from discretionary expenses such as dining out, bars / clubs, movies, nest shopping (all that stuff that collects dust and eventually ends up in closets, attics, garages and yard sales).

Yes to all the above?  Outstanding.  Keep reading (or return when ready to explore more). (psst!)

No?  Stop here.  Return when YES is the answer to the above qualifiers!





  1. Click on the links / pics above (and below) to sample what we have to offer.
  2. Take our Pay Me survey to experience a high-level overview of the journey many have already completed or are taking at this very moment.
  3. Wander through this Isagenix catalogue. Part of this journey is improving your health.  (Isagenix helped me retire 125 pounds!) We’ll use Isagenix to help our professional track members build passive income as well.
  4. Listen to a few shows to experience my teaching / facilitation style.

Based on what you feel (versus think), you’ll know if this 12 month journey is right for you.  Trust your intuition.  When your gut says, “get going!” it’s time to decide which of the following two paths work best for you.

Click on the path (image) that feels right for you…

To register, call Soul at 312-268-0000. In 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy a refreshingly frank intake interview. If we both agree this adventure is a fit for you, continue the registration process by:

  1. signing the last page in our Release form (aka Program Guide).
  2. signing the last page of your track agreement (the two paths / options above).
  3. clicking this link to email Soul a copy of both signed documents.
  4. clicking this link to complete your registration process.

We start our next journey when 12 qualified professional track registrations are ready to rock n’ roll!