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lf-lava-1Aloha and Welcome!

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I’m delighted, honored and blessed that you stopped by.  How may I help you?

What do I do?  Hire me to identify and resolve worth decay. What is worth decay?  Do you feel less worthy based on your:

  1. age?
  2. gender?
  3. race?
  4. creed?
  5. ability?
  6. sexual orientation?
  7. education?
  8. location?

A yes answer to just one of the traits listed above means it’s time I pay you to learn how to stop worth decay. Curious? Good! Call me and we’ll explore more.

My credentials include:

On this site, I share stories, laughs and wisdom.

For more details about ways I may help you, call me at 312-268-000 or click the images below…

In gratitude I bow to YOU for being here, now!

Soul Dancer

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