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If you what read, listen or watch in any post triggers feelings of doubt, guilt, shame or worry, kindly note this disclaimer:

Own your feelings.  Own your choice to feel any feeling you wish.

How you CHOOSE TO FEEL about what I write or say is YOUR CHOICE.

I have no desire to trigger unhealthy, stressful feelings in you or anyone.  What that said, be mindful of what feelings you choose to feel each time you visit this site.

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Couples Coaching – A Divorce Vaccine


Since 2006 when I published Pay Me What I’m Worth,  common results of couples completing my 12 month masters program include:

  • deeper understanding of each others’ relationship with money, respect, self esteem, career(s) and power.
  • enhanced conflict / resolution skills  (resolve problems or disagreements with far less drama).
  • a more robust loving relationships – for all involved.

Couples who engage this self-paced program a year before they walk down the isle tell me this program is a vaccine against divorce.



Next – check out our  12 month coaching program.

Questions?  Ready to register?  GREAT?  Contact Soul via:

  • phone:  312+268-0000
  • Skype (my user id:  souldancer0 – that’s a zero at the end)
  • click to email me with a day / time / time zone to connect with you.

I look forward to meeting you!