Who is Souldancer?

Souldancer (SD*) is known as the Founder of Souldancer Network and principle teacher of souldancing. Souldancing re-awakens one's inner wisdom to dissolve doubts, guilt, shame or worry.  Students, clients, researchers and related professionals know SD as powerful retreat facilitator, a corporate shaman and ethicist, Socratic teacher and dogma-free spiritual guide. Former clients include: Ameriprise, I.B.M Global Services, Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo Trust Operations, The American Red Cross, The American Association of Blood Banks. His volunteer work (from Board member to the frontline's) include Outfront, Center on Halsted, The Center, a variety of help lines and pride groups.

SD facilitates powerful life-changing retreats on Hawai'i's Big Island and Maui. SD is also published author, internationally recognized key-note speaker and radio show host. His life focuses on two passions. First, to gently awaken and engage life to the fullest. Next, to live a kind and aware life free of worry, doubt, shame or guilt.

SD combines four decades of academic and diverse shamanic training to rapidly inspire learning, laughing and growing more wise with ease and grace. He earned a University of Minnesota undergraduate degree in human relationships and a masters in social work. His travels to 20+ countries to teach and learn has earned him over a dozen leadership awards. He lives his passion to be of service. SD practices each day to live a culturally competent, spiritually awake and aware life.

* Most people wonder, is Soul Dancer a pseudonym or legal name. sd's birth certificate reflects: Soul Dancer. Media, please reference sd as souldancer (all lower case, one word).

SD observations . . .

Over the past three decades, I've watched myself, others (people, programs, companies, communities, countries, movements, etc.) hold onto ideas that consume more than it inspires growth. What's your take on shame, worry, guilt, fear, peer - pressure, expectations, history, illness and related life diminishing ways of living? From what I've learned, that which consumes something may end up consuming itself. That which loves something inspires growth. I seek to grow NOT at the expense of unhealthy consumption.

How do I plan to grow? Change! Change on all levels, body, mind and spirit. With every breath I take, I change. I've come to know change as my friend. How friendly is change for you?

My life accomplishments while impressive to some, fade in my heart as I genuinely walk a path of service. What I've done, or who I've had the honor to know is not important! Names, titles and related social dressings cover what we all are inside. Humans. Humans who eat, breath and experience joy and pain. My deepest desire is that each being savors more kindness than they know what to do with!

As you consider your next steps in life, kindly remember to be KIND. If you need help with being kind, let's get to work! Call me any time toll-free at 888-332-2976.

I wish you a most refreshing day . . . every day . . .

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Souldancer's weekend intensive event are hands on experiences of true awareness and personal evolvement into creating a life of responsibility and true love. A chance to believe in myself and of what results I am capable of accomplishing on my own and or furthering my accomplishments to a different level, hence what I want to make of it. It was a chance to learn more of myself, an opportunity for me to realize what I was not aware of and yet be more aware to continuously make life changing re-programming in order to bring peace and love for myself while being the example of what others are capable of as well. Leticia Arroyo, VP Aspire Realty Group.

If you've been looking for that ultimate breakthrough in your life, then you're in the right place. I've spent 25+ years in Corporate America and have gone through a multitude of training programs. I also have a bookshelf full of self-help/improvement books and programs. These programs coupled with my own daily spiritual practices have each taught me a little something over the years. However, upon completing my weekend with Soul Dancer, never have I ever felt the charge and intentionality that I currently have in my life. I am on track with building my new business in Real Estate, I am finally committed to shedding those unwanted pounds and every single day is a new opportunity to have the best day ever, making a difference in the life of my loved ones along with everyone whom I have the privilege to work with. Breakthrough to the other side and spend an incredible weekend with SoulDancer. Juan C. Chicago IL

In his Pay Me What I'm Worth book and series of coaching, Souldancer will get you to crack out of your preconceived box of what you think is possible and what really IS. If you seek a compassionate and inspiring expert to help you help yourself so you can get paid what you are worth AND live the way you want, Souldancer can help.” Paula Gregorowicz

Soul and I met at a unique workshop on the mystical island of Moloka'i. He has a sparkling personality and a stimulating array of interests. Soul's quiet encouragement and guidance helped me gain the self-confidence I needed to steer my life in the right direction. Terry Anderson

Soul Dancer is a truly remarkable consultant that guides each client to focus one's energies and abilities to better themselves. Call it Life Coaching, I would like to call it Life Changing. With compassion, empathy and guidance he has helped me to discover my inner strengths and various skill sets that I left dormant or ignored. In essence, he works with you so that you can awaken your individual talents be they creative, personal or professional. I highly recommend his services to those who seek to be grounded or to soar. Vincent Nelson , Marketing Specialist , The Black Book

Soul is an expert organizer, a talented presenter, a media master, and an overall creative force. He is extremely reliable and has made a large impact on my life. The guidance and coaching is highly beneficial, and a huge side benefit has been his introduction of the Isagenix cleanse program into my schedule. Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative. Eddie Dinkins

“Souldancer is an extraordinarily creative guide whose wisdom and integrity has been cultivated in service to others. Through leadership, coaching and personal relationships, he invites people to discover their own wisdom and integrity so that they may chart the course of their own lives, confident in themselves and their potential. Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative. Rick Sanford

Souldancer's workshops and programs are Amazing and truly DO work! If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend that you hire him and take the courses he offers. Gentle, caring, yet persistent, Souldancer will guide you through your attunements and provide you with the tools to keep you focused. He is one of the most incredible Lightworkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Do yourself a favor and give Souldancer a call (tell him LionFire recommended you!)

The time to improve your situation is NOW! Allow your Soul to Dance again! Baraka Bashad... May the Blessings BE!!! Aloha!... In Love and Light... LionFire

Souldancer is a window of truth, shining light on all he sees. He is a clear and succinct speaker, bringing a share of heaven down to earth with his words in the form of story, metaphor and his ability to hold open space for personal epiphany. Through our interactions, he helps me to see parts of my infinite self again. The evolutions in mind and spirit that he engenders in my life shines a bright light on the eternal aspects of beauty all around me--and in me. And if you embrace the eternal beauty that he will show you, you will also experience true love and understanding again. Discovering your prefect self all over again, a highly recommended guide on the path. Kendall T, IP Attorney

Souldancer has tremendous insight and the ability to communicate and prepare individuals to face change. His candid discussions and conversations have challenged me on many levels and assisted me in helping myself. From a business standpoint, Souldancing provides a conduit to really understanding core issues and challenges and co-creating a solution. Marcello B, Enterprise Architect and Strategist

Souldancer is an extraordinarily creative guide whose wisdom and integrity has been cultivated in service to others. Through leadership, coaching and personal relationships, he invites people to discover their own wisdom and integrity so that they may chart the course of their own lives, confident in themselves and their potential.

I first met Souldancer in Chicago in fall/winter 2004, as I was going through a difficult period in seeking a network of support and considering a major career change. As a friend, Souldancer was incredibly encouraging, welcoming me into his circle of friends, and his home for tea, friendly conversation, and personal support. In early 2005, after attending a highly stressful self-help seminar, I fell into a state of disillusionment and paranoia. With compassion and support, Souldancer encouraged me gently let go of my negativity, aware of the entrapping nature of negative thoughts & intentions.

I could mention many other times Souldancer has made a difference in my life, whether it be through our personal friendship or the insightful trove of newsletters, events, and "Pay Me What I'm Worth" book that he has shared with the world. It's rare to meet someone with so much skill and insight - and who also has the openness to welcome you into his circle of acquaintance. Rick S., Grantwriter & Program Evaluation

Talking live { in a session } with souldancer, was like talking to an Angel who has been on my shoulder my whole life. To use the word mirror feels like an understatement, it was more like talking to myself, as we did a review of my Now, in relation to my Knowingness's of my dreams and missions of my entire life. Confirmations and Clarity abounded in fresh clean air! Thank you Souldancer, you really are special. Sea