Big Island • Hawai - Lava heading to the sea . . .


This series captures a two fingers of a pahoehoe flow heading to the sea. The sea is about 1/2 mile from this particular spot. Within six hours after taking these photos, lava entered the sea.

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Come and see this for yourself!! I'm happy to take you on a hike....

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Lava-Trek-March_4 IMG_0028 IMG_0024
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IMG_0027 This series offers a sense of how a large flow breaks out to then pool and start the process over again.
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Phillip - our photographer


David - along for the hike.

pahoehoelava sdpahoehoelava

I offered Pele a ceremonial shirt to thank her for my abundance of good health, the miracle of watching earth grow and the honor to be of service.

An AMAZING series of events followed. First, the lava actually started flowing AROUND the shirt BEFORE it caught fire. The lava then cirlced the shirt while it burned. The lava flowed OVER the shirt only AFTER it completely circled the shirt. Most interesting!