Soul Dancer

Let’s talk . . .


Soul here.    I keep things simple, focused, powerful.

Given my training spanning 35 years as a Social Worker (MSW level), monk (three orders) and shaman (four Nations) you’ll find my unique style of support – refreshing. I invite you to experience my expertise first-hand via an old-fashion call – or for those technically adept – a video conference call.

My area of expertise?  Surgical questions.  As we work together you’ll notice my knack to ask questions designed to cut to the core of things.  Former and current clients come to know this question, “May I perform a little surgery?”  When I ask you this question you’re always welcome to say no – especially if you sense you’re not ready for a massive shift in short order.

Call me at 312-268-0000 or click to email me (to schedule) a short (10 minute) no-cost assessment interview.  We’ll quickly discover if, how, when I may be of service.

I look forward to learning more about you.