A HUGE Vision . . .

Aloha! Mahalo nui loa for visiting and exploring…

I’ll begin our connection by answering a question most folks ask when we first meet. Yes – my birth name is Soul Dancer. You should see the quizzical look on the faces of custom officials when I present my passport! When I wear my robes of one particular order officials often are not sure what to make of me! LOL

Okay! Bear with me as you wander through this longish post . . .

To set the stage . . .

As life rattles your awareness of how much you sense you want to do, you become more aware of what you need to do.  If there’s one life lesson you’ve learned by now is the difference between wants and needs.  For example humans want to socialize, feel loved, party, savor scrumptious food as well as steamy sex.  Have you noticed how our wants often hypnotize us by offering some sense of purpose or direction?

Needs on the other may push wants to the back burner.   We need water, air, food, good health, sense of safety (home / community) and love.  When we meet our needs we garnish life with wants.  For example we need water to live.  On a hot day day ice-water will help cool us down.  Ice is a want.  Water is the need.

imagine if you will…

Imagine being a dues paying member of a learning center that feels more like a second home.  In fact the center is a home (a house) that features all sorts of private spaces for small groups to dive into some breath-taking work.  As time flies by you realize our learning center is as important to you as your own home.  Why?  This learning center helps you amply meet your needs while at the same time sating your wants in ways that dazzle you.

For example just last week you enjoyed three (out of seven) nights at your second home because you joined a class.  Your budget easily affords class fees because money blown on caffeine and/or cocktails, sweets or  snacks is now budgeted for learning and growing.  This new class is geared to help you discover a more healthy balance between giving and receiving.  The people in class are already dear friends because you see them every week during our snuggle-up movie and foodie potluck events.

As months melt into years your find our learning center circle of friends feel more like the family you’ve always dreamed of (but never had at home).  Our family of creation has helped you survive countless dramas, patches of chaos and spells of fear based on what was too much doubt, guilt, shame and worry in daily life.  This extended family celebrates your life (birthdays, wins, losses and loves) as well as mourns with you when death reminds you of just how short life really is.

With each passing year you discover more profound answers to the two daunting questions the center’s original founder tasked you with when you first starting coming to the center.  The first question still challenges you.  Who am I?  Thanks to the ever-evolving roster of relationships rotating in and out of your life you’re more at peace with the reality this first question is never really answered.  The second question “Why am I here?” has more clarity and focus.  You realize your clarity and focus is thanks to a robust pu pu platter of center classes, social events, retreats, seminars, workshops and philanthropic community support programs all under the roof of your second home.

A little backstory . . .

Since age 11 (that’s 46 years ago) when I started my conscious spiritual awakening / training I’ve traveled to over 22 countries to learn and teach. The more I teach, the more I learn. The more I learn the more I teach.  Balance – right? To capture and share the essence of my academic and traditional training (masters in social work, monk in three orders, shaman in four traditions) I created Soul University (SU).  At the moment this online learning center is the home to over 200 on-demand classes.  Each short audio file (class) requires listening and pondering.  That’s it.  The rest (the results of the class) will unfold as you wake-up to your potential.

To sample 100’s of on-demand classes check out our iTunes library. Cost? Money: nothing. Time: that’s up to you.

In 2017 I feel ready to do what my most cherished teachers do.

  • Teach daily – in-person – classes. (At the moment I teach daily thanks to the internet.)
  • Be available to do intense in-person sessions – sessions no technology aides may duplicate.

To practice the art of transparency as well as set the stage for a hearty, happy connection I offer these insights!

  1. I have zero desire to be a household name, guru or some-such label. In fact my most influential teachers require me to never speak their name or identify them for any reason.
    • My teachers seek no attention or credit for their efforts.
    • My teachers tell me: “Own what I say.
    • My teachers ingrain the importance to let go of the outcome – regardless of that outcome. (In other words – assign no credit or blame for whatever happens.)
  2. Regarding trust. The only person you must trust – is you. Period.  Why?  Listen to this class to learn why.
    • I have (nor desire) any control over you.  A sense of trust subconsciously (subtly) transfers control.  This unconscious transfer of power will – one day – cause pain and suffering.  I seek a pain-free relationship with you.
    • Regardless of what I offer (teach) – what you decide to learn (and do) is 100% your responsibility. I trust you’ll do your best based on what’s best for you.

Call to action . . .

I seek the following support to launch and root a learning center with the primary focus to gain, maintain and strengthen your sense of balance.  To accomplish this task I welcome all kinds of support.  Support includes:

  • location support.  Help me find the right house to host all kinds of classes, seminars, movie nights, potlucks and more.
  • teaching support.  What do you have a passion to teach?  Time to talk about how we’ll collaborate to share wit and wisdom in abundance.
  • financial support.  Yes.  You knew that item was coming.  LOL.  Frankly financial support is the easiest thing to accomplish.  Why?  Well – I have a plan that provides for both financing this learning center as well as every person who uses the center.  YES!  You read that correctly.  We’ll dive into this very real (it’s already happening) possibility when we meet.
  • sharing unconditional love.  Sounds simple – right?  We’ll see!

Mahalo nui loa for taking the time to read this page. Imagine me sharing a long warm hug with your right now. (Yes, I’m a hugger!) I look forward to meeting you soon! Feel free to reach-out to set-up a coffee / tea date by clicking this link.


Rewards and blessings of embracing minimalism and not knowing . . .

Little did I know 25+ years ago a move from a three bedroom townhouse in the burbs to a one-bedroom apartment in the city would be the start of a massive journey to embrace “less is more.”

Less is more. When you read those words what feelings come up for you? The word less inspires what feelings? Happiness? Sadness? Anxiety? Freedom? Worry?

Before this move the word less was not a word I used unless I spoke of pollution, hate – stuff we would most likely agree that we need less of. For the first 32 years of my life I followed the path most folks followed. Stuff = good. Stuff = show of accomplishments. More stuff = more pride in my accomplishments. More stuff = more happiness. The more unique, rare crap I bought the more I thought I was happy. Our material world thrives on these illusions. Buy. Buy. Buy. What possessed me to think all my stuff from a three-bedroom townhouse would fit into my one-bedroom apartment – I’ll never know!  By day two in that one-bedroom apartment I knew a massive clear-out was in order.

Today I KNOW (thus live) by the reality that less stuff is more happiness. After that fateful move I started a focused, progressive clearing out! As more of my cherished treasures found new homes (buyers, charities, friends, etc.) I rediscovered a feeling a deep happiness. A deep happiness triggered by seeing the happiness on the faces of folks buying / receiving my stuff. Happiness in knowing I’ll never – EVER – face moving a lot of personal stuff – ever! Happiness that life just seems far less stressful. A deep sense of peace and joy allows me to pass-up purchases that I would have snapped-up just years ago.

As years melted into decades my stuff now fills three suit cases and a laptop carrying case. That’s all. What you see in the pic below is the sum of my worldly goods. Looking at that picture I sense it’s time to thin-out even more. Why? Well now that airlines charge for every checked bag (those fees will never end – right?) me thinks it’s time to let go of more. The extra baggage fees I pay add up. As most folks who know me (of which, you will know me when you follow this blog / poke around on this site) most folks know I’m raising funds to launch a company to care for care givers. Every penny counts these days. The less I spend (on stuff that most folks find great pleasure in owning) the more I’m able to do what I feel called to do. That dear reader is freedom!

As I embrace my minimalist I feed my nomad. I love to travel. I love to learn. I love to teach. Travel means knowing that where ever I lay my head down for that moment I’m home. Literally.


Potential is one ingredient of the unknown. Trust provides a sense of calm when chaos is ready to hurl it’s best efforts into the mix. I trust my calling to provide what’s needed when it’s needed by people who have a desire to learn laugh and grow with ease and grace.


As I reflect on the reality the more I know the more I realize – I don’t know much. There’s more unknown than known in life. It’s easy to fall asleep with the illusion that I know someone or something. The moment I think I know you or feel confident I have mastered something is the moment I start falling asleep.

The unknown often scares folks into remaining asleep. For some odd quirk or as fate would dictate at age 11 I sensed my life is nothing but a wild ride. Life is far too short to stay asleep to the miracle life is.

How do you handle the unknown?

  • Do you embrace the adventure?
  • Does ‘not knowing’ scare the crap out of ya?

Continue to follow this wild ride to discover how to make friends (then peace) with not knowing. For folks who wish to give back, consider lending support to my journey. Which of the following menu items feels like support to you?

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