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Couples Coaching – A Divorce Vaccine


Since 2006 when I published Pay Me What I’m Worth,  common results of couples completing my 12 month masters program include:

  • deeper understanding of each others’ relationship with money, respect, self esteem, career(s) and power.
  • enhanced conflict / resolution skills  (resolve problems or disagreements with far less drama).
  • a more robust loving relationships – for all involved.

Couples who engage this self-paced program a year before they walk down the isle tell me this program is a vaccine against divorce.



Next – check out our  12 month coaching program.

Questions?  Ready to register?  GREAT?  Contact Soul via:

  • phone:  312+268-0000
  • Skype (my user id:  souldancer0 – that’s a zero at the end)
  • click to email me with a day / time / time zone to connect with you.

I look forward to meeting you!

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“You’ve got such a GREAT radio voice …”


I produce a wide variety of radio shows. I combine my masters in social work skills (that draw people into deeper conversations) with a healthy sense of humor to co-create lively, engaging shows.

My interviewing skills often surprise my guests and experts. I strive to inspire those ah-ha moments on live talk radio.  When YOU have an ah-ha moment, your listeners start listening more closely to what you say.

Treat yourself to an interview to feature on your site or blog. Help others get to know you, your product or service.

Call me to explore more after you sample the following examples of my interview style and show production.