Mission Leader Invitation

SouldancerAloha and welcome!

Soul Dancer here. I’m on a mission.

Based on my training (masters in social work, University of Minnesota; monk in three orders) as well as 20+ years of first-hand experience, I know what it takes to create and sustain successful missions.

Step one: define a clear mission.

Step two: discover leaders who embrace the mission.

Step three: support lively, tenaciously dedicated mission leaders.


Wanted! Ten Team Leads

Will you be one of my paid team leaders?

To gain perspective on what kind of team leaders I seek, have you seen these movies?
Both movies explore the concept of a legacy. The Opus teaches us how to consciously craft a legacy. Mr. Holland’s Opus reveals the transparent nature of legacy building.

  • What is your opus?
  • What will be your legacy?
Opus 1 Opus 2


Are legacies something you think applies to only financially wealthy or powerful people? Think again! Every person leaves a legacy. What kind of legacy do you envision for yourself? My team leaders:

  • will be remembered for decades to come based on their passion to help others succeed.
  • are passionate about a cause or cure that requires ongoing support to continue the cause or find a cure.
  • savor each step of creating a lasting legacy.



Time to see what kind of eye you have for leadership.

Study each image below. Then pick your answer that instantly comes to mind?


Diamond Wisdom Team
Do you see a: Do you see: Do you see:
A) rock? A) age? A) an audience?
B) diamond? B) wisdom? B) a team?
C) both? C) both? C) both?


Did you answer C to all three?


Study cherished leaders and you’ll discover many common personality traits.


Savvy leaders (like seasoned teachers, parents, investors, CEO’s) know how to spot a diamond in the rough. This mission is a diamond in the rough.


Wise leaders encourage us to learn from life lessons to ripen knowledge into wisdom. This mission taps into decades of first-hand team leadership experience.


Talented team leaders balance unique perspectives (ideas) with team potential (talents). This mission succeeds by helping you succeed personally and professionally.


To apply to be one of my paid team leads:


Invest some time to explore the links on this page.  Do your due diligence. For example listen to some classes that Soul teaches.


Review our Mission Guidelines.


Form an opinion about who Soul is and what this mission seeks to accomplish.


Ponder what kind of legacy you wish to create, now and for decades to come.