Honolulu Gay Meditation Group

Next event: Tuesday, June 27th

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Mahalo nui loa for expressing interest in our silent meditation group for (and by) gay males ages 16 and up.

Join us to effortlessly awaken to a deep sense of peace. With each gathering we’ll strengthen our skills to reduce stress, increase joy as well as rediscover what solid, life-long friendships feel like. Our group will – over time – ripen into a robust Honolulu Ohana. (I know this because I’ve walked this path before.)

Capacity: 12.

A silent meditation involves just that – sitting in silence.  How you choose to sit is totally up to you. If you need the support of a chair, cushion, mat or beach blanket – perfect. Bring one.

New or experienced – all welcome.

  • I’m less concerned about form (how you sit); I’m more attentive to function (how you breathe). Sitting cross-legged (the traditional image most folks think of when they imagine doing meditation) is actually restrictive to healthy blood flow.
  • We’ll sit for 15 minutes to start. We’ll work up to 30 minutes. Every so often we may attempt a one-hour sit. (Warning – sitting in silence is a powerful teacher.)
  • Post sit we’ll take a quick (as in 10 minute) break to attend to body functions (stretch, bathroom, water, etc.). After our break for those who wish to stay we’ll do a 30 minute debrief. During debriefing time we’ll hold sacred space to be as real and open as possible.


Put us in on your calendar for the last Tuesday of each month. Kindly create a reminder / notification for yourself.  (It’s up to you to remind yourself about this event.)

What time?

  • Social start: 5:30 p.m.
  • Preparing to be quiet start: 5:45 p.m.
  • Meditation start 6:00 p.m.

Kindly mind your time.  Plan to start looking for a parking space starting around 5:15 p.m.


We’re at the intersection of Thurston and Wilder in upper Makiki / lower Punch Bowl.

1598 Thurston Avenue.  (Click for directions.)

The #4 bus drops you off (and picks you up) within 1/4 block of our front door.

We meet in a simple apartment with a wonderful city view.

Apartment # provided to those who (click here) to RSVP.


If you wish to enjoy more time together, bring along:

  • food to share
  • a non-spirited beverage for yourself…
  • your own eating gear (paper plates, napkins, silverware, etc.)

We’ll create a little pot-luck style dinner to savor more social time.

Next event: Tuesday, June 27th

Aloha~~ Soul here . . .

Since age 11 when I consciously started my training I had no idea I’d become a monk in three orders, shaman in four nations as well as a social worker (masters level). My eclectic path also includes considerable business experience to include a successful online University. I’m delighted to co-create a healthy space for us to learn, laugh and love with more ease and grace.

I’d enjoy meeting you anytime. Call or text me at 808-780-0819. FaceTime? Sure!

In gratitude I bow to you for your interest . . .