What’s your name? Really! No way! Come on! Really!!?

nametagHow often do people question you about your name when you introduce yourself?

If you sensed I had doubts about your name upon meeting you, how would you feel about me?

If after knowing you for some time, I say, “You know, I don’t really know your real name.  What is your real name?”  How would you feel about me?

Imagine life where eight out of ten people doubt your birth name even after getting to know you.

Welcome to my world.

A person I’ve known for over five years, tested our friendship when she point blank said, “You know Soul, one day, I’d love to know your real name.”  In that moment, I decided to play a little game.  I said, “I’ll tell you my real name when you tell me what your real name is.”  When she took offense to my questioning her integrity and honesty, I asked her to stop and realize what she felt in that moment.  I asked her, ‘do you want me to feel those same feelings?” We continued our chat by acknowledging how what could be a question born out of sincere desire to know someone well, can also be a question that ignites ego to raise its defense shields.

SouldancerAloha!  Soul Dancer at your service.    To be of service is to experience honor. To experience honor is to open more fully to grace and unconditional love.  To learn how to share endless grace and unconditional love fuels my passion to be of service.

My passion to serve is rooted from childhood days of attending weekly knitting classes voluntarily taught by mother at Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jane Boyd Community Center.  The joy Mom experienced from her volunteer work inspired me to volunteer my time and talents to many causes over the past four decades.  To explore causes near and dear to me, click here.

Another reason I blog came to light after a lovely chat with a friend who’s known me for over 20 years.  Over dinner, he said, “Soul, for as long as I’ve known you, I’ve come to realize, I really haven’t a clue who you are!”  I laughed as I said, “You know, at 57, I’m still learning about who I am!

Learning who I am is a lesson I plan to savor every day for the rest of my life.  When I encounter souls who need to wrap me up in labels, titles or professions I’m mindful of the label trap  Traps include expectations, beliefs, assumptions and related social norms related to how and what I’m supposed to be.

So!  Time to demystify who I am, what I do as well as the mission I feel compelled to carry out.  We’ll start with this disclaimer.

After reading my disclaimer if you want to keep up with my blogging bookmark (or favorite) this site.  Check back when curiosity itches.  In the meantime, I bow in gratitude for your time, attention.